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Gelatin's 8 Favorite Hiding Places

Picture this: You’re in a grocery store and gelatin tells you to close your eyes and count to 100. When you finish counting, you open your eyes and gelatin is gone. Yep, in this imaginary situation, you’re playing hide and seek with a translucent, colorless, flavorless food ingredient, derived from collagen taken from animal body parts. Weird, yes, but not as weird as where it can be found. So here it is, a list of all the places you eventually found gelatin in your weird fantasy:

  • Candy - Your first stop is the candy aisle and your gelatin-senses start tingling. Candy corn, gummy bears, starbursts, and sour patch kids are all culprits. Bummer.
  • Cereal - Next stop, the cereal aisle. Any cereal with frosting likely contains gelatin. A good way to remember this? Frosted = freaky.
  • Gel cap medications - C’mon, this one was kind of a gimme. It’s right in the name.
  • Marshmallows - Unfortunately, your hot chocolate will never be the same. There are vegan options on the market these days, so all hope is not lost.
  • Peanuts - Ever wonder how they get the salt to stick? Yep, gelatin.
  • Soda - Shocker. Not all pops have gelatin in them, but some do. Do what you do best and check those labels, you label reader, you.
  • Yogurt - Again, not all yogurt contains gelatin, so it’s best to scan labels before adding any of these products to your cart.
  • Wine - You can pretend you didn’t read this. We’re pretending we didn’t read this.