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Island Fever

Island fever is starting to creep its way into Zellee HQ. Island fever is like cabin fever, but on an island, of course. We do realize how absurd it would be to complain about being trapped on an island of all places, so we’re trying our best to fight it off. Here’s a list of what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves sane as we wait for the world to return to some level of normalcy:

● Make bulleted lists
● Seek advice from the neighborhood chickens that roam freely around the island
● Just kidding. That would be insane and we haven’t reached that point...yet
● Write Zellee raps and perform them for each other
● Brainstorm other Musings from Hawaii topics that may provide a moment of distraction from the current reality
● Learn what the kids are meme’ing about these days
● Contemplate starting an adult line of Zellee that are infused with alcohol. Seriously, why didn’t we do that?
● OMG we’re going crazy!
● Put on VR goggles that transport us to the inside of a cabin during a blizzard so we’re reminded that island fever isn’t the worst thing in the world.