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Musings from the Beach

When people learn that Zellee is based in Hawaii, they often ask in jest if we work at the beach with a tropical drink in hand. It’s been mentioned so many times that we decided to try it, and we’re here to report that we got absolutely nothing done. Except…we came up with the idea to create a place on our new website to muse about whatever we want at length. So here it is. We’re calling it Musings from Hawaii because Zellee is based in Hawaii, and that’s where the musings (and the magic) happen. It wasn’t hard to come up with a name.

So what can you expect? Musings from Hawaii will be about all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they will be about Zellee and what’s going on in the business, and sometimes they will have nothing to do with Zellee at all, like when Lisa and Eriko decide they want to tell everyone what they had for lunch. Nobody likes anything that’s all business all the time. You’ve got to mix some fun up into things to keep them interesting. It’s all about balance, like sitting on a surfboard out in the ocean waiting to catch a gnarly wave. Also, not everything will be beach-themed. Promise.