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Zellee Organic Sports Jel with electrolytes in Aloha Raspberry Lemonade Flavor
Zellee Organic Sports Jels reduce muscle cramps and increases energy and stamina with electrolytes
Zellee Sports Jels contain half a Cup of fruit in each serving
Zellee Sports Jels are great for an active lifestyle supports hydration after sports, hiking, yoga
Zellee Sports Jel contains over 70 ionic trace minerals including Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium
Zellee Organic Sports Jels ingredients and certifications for Aloha Raspberry Lemonade

Aloha Raspberry Lemonade

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A flavor so welcoming that we attached a greeting to it.

  • full spectrum electrolytes from ionic trace minerals
  • potassium | chloride | sodium | magnesium | calcium
  • immune boosting vitamins A, C & D
  • increase energy and stamina & reduce muscle cramps